Riding Diaries, Lesson 8: Humming

Got back on Marigold today. A few interesting moments. First, she was having a major breakfast session when I came to her stall – it wasn’t just little nibbles here and there, but major crunch crunch of the fresh hay. Yum. Of course, this presents a little challenge for me trying to get her halter on and out. I did though and out we went. Is this what it’s like when a parent is trying to get their child to do something, like eat? They are doing their thing and you’re trying to get them to do something else.

When we got into the arena my instructor at one point mentioned that horses are left-handed – so am I! Another connection. Then later while we were trotting, something alerted Marigold and she started going even faster! Of course I freaked out and by squeezing her, made her go even faster than that. I understand the next speed is cantering – about 15 mph. It was scary, unexpected, and thrilling all at the same time.

I’m better now at not bouncing up and down so much at trotting speed. I feel like my body is responding more smoothly with it – like jello, but controlled. I can’t explain it exactly but I guess anyone who has been on horses for a while would know what I’m talking about here.

I also got new riding shoes. Next item – a helmet. There’s a sale soon at the nearby Horse Mart so we’ll see.

Before my lesson started, I was able to talk to a horse owner there. She was asking how it was going for me. She also shared that she’d be riding since she was 9, and her dad recently bought her a horse (she is probably 40 or 50-something now). I would like to have a horse one day.

I’m so glad I didn’t quit the moments when I felt comfortable enough or too uneasy. In the same way I learned today that horses like humming because it calms them down, I feel that the horses are humming to me as well.


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