Riding Diaries, Lesson 7: Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, but You?

We got back on the saddle today with Marigold. I walked her to the back arena area and met my instructor. She had said something earlier about removing the lead rope from the halter but I missed that somehow and forgot that you can lead a horse by using the reins. Duh. It’s ok, next time. We started our usual trotting around. At one point she paused and at first we thought it was because it was the same spot that I had caressed her earlier. Nope, she was stopping there to do her business. Ha.

The new thing today was learning how to turn multiple times while at trotting speed. Before, we had just been going in a circle and switching direction from time to time. Today it was back and forth several times as I was getting used to the amount of pull, the direction (out or back), and so forth. I’m getting more relaxed in the saddle while still able to maintain good posture and gaining a better sense of the different aspects of my body. The guidance from my instructor is getting less overwhelming and I am easing more into the movements.

Now it’s time to look into buying a helment, shoes, and boots. Where to begin? I guess I’ll do some research online but if any of you have any suggestions, I would love some tips.

I realized that I’ve come into each of my lessons having no idea what I’m going to learn, much less what is going to happen that day. I’ve never thought to ask and I don’t think I will in the future either. I just show up, both nervously but more so excitedly. I am learning to approach life in general more in this way. Sure we can make plans, but do we really know what is going to happen? The times that I do go into moments or days really not knowing what to expect, they of course turn out to be the best days. Why shouldn’t life be the same? Just show up. No expectations. Thinking less. Trusting more. Acknowledging your fear and nervousness but embracing your excitement and energy. Of course, I’ve heard this many times before, but somehow this time around – with the horses – they are becoming more real. On we go.


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