Riding Diaries, Lesson 6: Freedom



Today was surprisingly momentous. I didn’t expect it to be so, but what happend was that I rode Oakie at trotting speed – bare back! On top of that, my instructor was comfortable enough to let me do this without her holding the rope that connects the horse to her (so she can normally help steer). Boy oh boy.

My cousin came along with her two children (one of which is my goddaughter) and I wondered if that would make me more nervous. I think the thought of going bare back actually took care of that more than anything. Yet, once we got to riding, it actually felt very natural – significantly more comfortable than being in the saddle (probably because my tailbone wasn’t getting bumped anymore heh).

Stomach issues had been bothering in the several days leading up to today, so I wasn’t exactly excited about the lesson. I figured I should still go though because something always seems to happen that makes me glad that I did. Something deepens and grows within me. Well, since last night my stomach has gotten better and this whole experience is becoming more integrated for me. I feel that things are flowing more easily and even though there is still nervousness, it’s continually accompanied by a willingness that surprises even me.

Now I have to go find myself a helmet and some real riding shoes. I guess we’re gonna kick it up a notch. Jumping will still have to wait, but I’m ok with pacing it (which for me is a very big statement to say). I feel that the free-spirited / carefree side of me is easing in and deepening beyond the fears and hesitancies; and since I’ve learned that everything in life is interconnected and related if we’re just mindful of it, on we go. This is definitely going to be a Memorial Day to remember in a whole brand new way.


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