Viva Pope Francis! A Jesuit! Woah.

We have a new pope today! He’s the first from the new world – Argentina, South America to be exact – and a Jesuit!

Now, I thought that Jesuits were not allowed to be popes. I spoke with a Jesuit priest about this earlier today and he explained that generally this has not been the case, but due to the needs of the Church Bergoglio became an archbishop and cardinal. Now he’s our pope!

Reflecting back on the new papacy, I am filled with much peaceful joy. As much as our society has issues with organized religion, institutions, and the like, the immense media coverage alone speaks volumes about how we are still somehow fascinated by it all. Yes, the systems are broken – the Catholic Church has human beings and so is not immune to this – as are many others today.

The positive reaction that Pope Francis has been receiving (at least from what I’ve seen through the media and talking with fellow family and friends) to me is a reflection of the hope that still remains within each of us. A hope that the structures we exist within, grapple with, and challenge on a daily basis still work – through the people that are chosen to lead and serve them.

I’m looking forward to what this next papacy has in store for all of us. 2013, you’re so interesting already.


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