Miso for Life Sneak Peek

Last year I helped release a new book, Pho for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts. This anthology of short stories and poems is the first of its kind to express the many aspects of love, through the lens of Asian culture. It’s been an incredible journey on so many levels.

At the end of this year, we’ll be releasing the second in the anthology, Miso for Life. Below you’ll find excerpts – including a little bit from my own story – as a sneak peek to the release on December 8th.

“I sat on the steps of the front porch admiring one of those glorious evenings in mid fall when the light turned golden at around seven o’clock. The radiant rays of sunshine were enchanting as they glittered on crisp autumn leaves, reflected on windows, threw everything else into deep shadow and me into deep thought.

Stacked boxes remained undisturbed in the furthest corner of the living room where movers had left them three days ago. Not one thing was assembled except for the periwinkle futon in my bedroom. Ever since moving to this neighborhood, I felt out of place and therefore had no reason of assigning any order to my personal belongings.” – “Giving Sight to Daruma” by Chrissy Oliva

“As I drive away from the mural, down the path where the aroma of sweet flowers conquer the air and the trees’ willowy branches kiss the earth, I look around me and see in the vastness of the green grass plains, many other families and individuals at their loved ones’ graves. Some are weeping, some are praying, some are lost in thought. But I know one thing we all share; it is the honorable way in which we commemorate the precious souls of our loved ones.” – “Beyond the Oversized White Gates” by Annie Kim Pham 

“But as long as the heart still beats, the depth of a father’s love will run deeper and deeper. Sacrifices become the norm. Tiredness and all, the legs keep moving toward the finish line. In the end, a father will not remember the pains or sorrows he has endured. All he will cherish is the simple joy of being a parent. And all he will carry with him is the laughter and the voices that resonate from the hearts of his children.” – “A Father’s Work Is Never Done” by Mai Xuan Bui

“Growing up, you see your mom as your mom. I remember one day, when I was about 14, sitting in the kitchen as my mom was cooking. She said, “Sometimes when I close my eyes at night or when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I am still a little girl and the I realize that I am an adult and this is where I am.” it was that very moment that I saw my mom as more than just my mom. She was actually a human being, just like me.” – “Love Us Before She Knew Us” by James Glover

“Leaving the house, I wanted to recoil as we approached the impending oven inside the already baking black two-door hatchback. As I opened the door to the car I could see the road wavering, as when people believe they see water in the desert. There was no sign of the usual breeze or wandering neighborhood pets. Sure, the plants were still standing, but even they seemed to be shrinking back. I felt like I was touching hot coals as I placed my hands on the steering wheel. “This is going to be longer than I thought,” I sighed as I backed out of the driveway.” – “Grandma’s Fried Chicken” by Quyen Ngo

More info can be found at www.ameltingpotofthoughts.com or facebook.com/ameltingpotofthoughts.


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