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I’ve had a tendency in my life to try and figure things out, or understand what’s going on – as it happens. I held the personal motto “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved” for years, but found it so hard to live out. What’s been helpful is being aware of the leaning and trying to catch myself sooner when it does occur. Then, embracing both the tendency and the moments for what they are. A continuos process, this is. Powerfully transformative.

On my birthday I got the below painting. It’s part of a series of paintings entitled Tree of Knowledge. This is the second in the series. I actually got to meet the artist himself in the gallery. Chris Pavlov is from Macedonia and lives in the Santa Ynez Valley with his wife and family. Painting is his way of capturing inspiration as it comes.

You may notice there is something written about 2/3 of the way down. It’s prose from the artist himself, which says:

“Only when we are left with a question then we know we have learned something. And the answer is the question.”

This one spoke to me the most of the 3 paintings in the series (you can see the others with their quotes here). Perhaps it was because it expresses so well the mystery I am learning in this moment of my life. Thankful for the reminder.

Painting © Chris Pavlov


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