Restless Resilience

Death a shadow no welcome
Whispers here pries the door
Mocks the life locks seem fake
Takes no turns just come for

Scab the oath known to take
Not the scar healing break
Wondrous loss this so makes
Tolled the heart such to ache

Knock a one five three two
Down a beat pound to through
Angled measure source foreign
Same repeat immerse again

Flat the weight paper to made
Less to on the key to tune
Echo goes refrain the clue
Same a stance that never blew

This continue light pull through
Thread a single solid true
Faith hope yes love turn the clue
Repeat goes down creates anew

Return not same wanting a move
Gained force behind to lose
Stand by no need ever a bend
Beam the line no more to end

Yearn the more here life will grow
Death shadow break the blow
Ashed dust bring forth it may
Life force trusts no other way


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