Allow yourself to muse.

I recently had a bad fall which has rendered my left arm – which also happens to be my writing arm – temporarily somewhat disabled. I wish I had a heroic story to tell you like I was trying to save a dog, but alas, no. At any rate, I’m learning to use my right hand in a lot of creative ways and have a real-life opportunity to practice some serious patience. Who knew getting dressed and washing dishes could become such an adventure?

Not to mention writing with the other hand. The below came out like 5 year old chicken scratch at first and started just as an experiment to try at better penmanship. Little did I realize that I think this detour of sorts is going to be a significant – and very fun – part of giving birth to something amazingly new.

test creativity
life outside the lines
new horizons frontiers
outside the comfort zone
just creative expression
without the limit of time
paced, exploration
confidence growing
in a new way of being
able to move with
something new

awkward at first
lines won’t be that great
over time practice,
creativity, and confidence
will reign
the beauty and the
person will emerge
a new side, a new self
a new person-ality
give freedom to be
don’t judge just try

keep going give life do it
go boldly
daring strokes
what comes out may not be
what’s intended
yet surprising still
the wonder what surfaces
laugh on encourage still

it will happen
say yes the will
you will see

you want to keep
trying until you get
and you will.


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