Collective Wonder

Arboretum first time I see
Through the entrance a peacock is he
Stressed or courting which could it be?
Maybe different for you different for me

Soft span of beauty feathers unfold
Exotic colors yes we’ve all been told
Hues just so vibrant yes nature knows bold
Awe strikes us real what gift to behold

Gazing life stands just waiting here now
Won’t you come see don’t ask so much how
Glimpses of grandeur only God could endow
Finding such wonder just natural to bow

In moments time freezes no passers by
All pause the minutes no one asks why
Nature says hello wants us to say hi
Nothing to fear here just give it a try

Life through the garden we see ‘neath a rim
Sunlight so piercing for us it must dim
Blinks of such beauty we find on a whim
Thanks for His love thanks be all to Him


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