Letter to Self, November 14 2010

Been finding old letters, poems, and things – something like buried treasure in the hidden time capsule that is my nightstand drawer. This letter was written at the end of a retreat – an activity in expressing care for ourselves that would be mailed to us 6 months later. Now, a year and a half later, I still find these words uplifting. I would say they are for all of us.

Dear Nhi,

You are more beautiful than you can imagine. The soul that is unfolding within you knows no bounds. You were born a free spirit – and so allow yourself to be free. Your sense of adventure will take you beyond what your heart can yearn for. All that you love about and are fascinated by life – nature, people, children, design, photography, technology, deep, meaningful relationships – are part of who you are – what make up the beautiful you.

You have been given many gifts – that which bring you closer to God and help others to do the same. Don’t be afraid to let them shine. Don’t be afraid to continue to be and become yourself. Don’t be afraid. At all. You have nothing to lose.

I hope that this unfolding sense of freedom becomes so real for you that you are able to not only spread your wings and show the magnificent grandeur of God’s work in you, but also and ultimately to fly. To fly completely and freely.

It’s all there. Within you. Allow yourself the room, the space, to unfold, to blossom, to radiate the love that is God that is so present within you. Allow yourself to continue to become more of who you are already – deeply, completely, fully Beloved.


our wings are only limited by how much space we give them to take flight!


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