to live to love to better

I came across an old collection of poems that I’d written 10 years ago. At that time in my life, I was just expressing, not always fully understanding, but writing anyway. Interesting how 10 years later, the truths of these words still resonate with me. They are a real affirmation that what we’ve always been searching for has always been within us, just waiting to be discovered, revealed, and unfolded if we just take a little time.

This was the last poem in that collection.

find the glimpse of a broken soul
perhaps not lost maybe alone inside
feeling as tainted by the lack thereof

filling with tolerance, an alliance of shadows
why does emotion cause fear
lost the embrace to relate
commitment taken a con against the intimate

perception becomes manipulatory
speaks of nation race culture belief language style
boundaries forced never to dissolve
stronger than all such visible

pride has kept it to ‘you’ or ‘me’
a collective segregation
needing to share able only to vent
speaking of mine lacking ours

can we form relationships thrust by ‘us’
completion lying within that not seen
the reason the meaning the foundation
the truth of life is love


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