Dear Love, on your Confirmation

Dear Love,

Your Confirmation is almost here! Typical question beforehand: Are you ready? Typical question afterwards: Do you feel holier now? Well, if you answered yes to either of those questions, I might actually start wondering if something was off. Other than the fact that I was just learning how to put on makeup when I had my own Confirmation, things didn’t really seem that different right away – and that’s ok. In fact, it might not be for a while. That’s ok too. You may have heard the saying, “Easy come, easy go.” Think of it like a seed that gets planted deep in the soil, growing roots you can’t see.

What did you think of the statement the lady mentioned during rehearsal that the Bishop will say, Be sealed with the Holy Spirit? Oh yes, don’t forget to have your bangs out of your face like she said, you wouldn’t want that oil making them go all crazy. Heh. Now about this sealing business. Kind of sounds like a shield perhaps? I used to think that it was supposed to make me invincible to the evils of the world or something, or that I’d magically be happy all the time because I had received special powers from God. Of course, neither of those actually happened.

More than anything else, I hope that this seal of the Holy Spirit becomes a deeper sign of love in your life. Through the events that unfold, people you will meet as you move on, and your family that will always be here. Most of all, that you are loved just as you are. It doesn’t mean that things will always be easy, super clear, or that things will go perfectly. It does mean though that you won’t be alone, no matter what you go through or decisions you make. I know I’m your Sponsor (oh yeah and your aunt too but who’s checking), but think of me more like a companion, or a monkey partner in crime on this great journey we call life. I’ll show you a little here and there of what I’ve learned, you can share with me what you learn, and together we can discover even more.

It’s always such a joy and now a humbling honor to be able to walk with you in this way as you take this new step in your spiritual journey. Oh, we’re going to have lots more fun together, just you wait and see. =)

Lots of love,


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